Who were here

Who were here?

Dr Ted Wagner, Dr Dan Baker, Dr George Bagby and Dr Bagby’s granddaughters had the opportunity to meet the staff of Nalta hospital and to participate in a staff meeting. Dr Bagby said that he is “very impressed with how well everyone is doing”, and that he hopes that they will “keep up the good work and think so hard in the way of advancing our opportunity to do more and more for the poor people not just around us but farther away.” He stressed how important it is to care for the poor and how honored he is that he and the other doctors could come and help the Nalta Hospital as well as gaining valuable experiences that would help them in advancing medicine. Dr Baker too said how honored he was to have the opportunity to come to Nalta and to gain an understanding of the conditions under which the staff work. Further, he explained that providing good medical care supports Bangladesh’s greatest resource, their people. Dr Wagner said how impressed he was at the technological improvements that he had seen since his last trip to Bangladesh in 2008 and that he was happy to see how the country was progressing.



Dr Bapee, Chief Surgeon, gave a briefing of the activities of the hospital and Dr Bagby was impressed to hear that specialists of all fields come once a week to see patients at the Nalta Hospital. Dr Bapee also talked about the kind of operations that are performed at the hospital, most recently a hysterectomy and a cesarean section to deliver twins.