Prosthetic & Orthotic Center

Nalta Hospital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center

Nalta Hospital Prosthetic & Orthotic center in established in September 2002 in association with Prosthetic Outreach Foundation (POF) Seattle USA. This is the only prosthetic center in the southwest part of Bangladesh providing services to many districts of the region.

The disabled people specially the poor’s are neglected in our society and lead a miserable life. But its possible to provide them sort of normal life & engage in social activities with the help of artificial limbs. Nalta Hospital Prosthetic & Orthotic center is working on this point and many people from different districts are coming here to have prosthetic services. Within a very small span of time the center has gained broad acceptance among the local people.

Many of the disabled people have regained their normal life with the aid of artificial limbs. We provide this service with a very minimal cost & sometimes for free of cost to poor peoples. We are providing free limb to poor children up to 15 years of age. At present we are providing only the lower limb prosthetics but there is a great demand for upper limb Prosthetics too. And we would like to extend our service in this area in near future.