Donors of Nalta Hospital

Trauma Hospital is a dream child of Prof. Dr. AFM Ruhal Haque & Dr. George W. Bagby. This two person from the very beginning has tried in all aspect to make it a complete modern hospital. And the have made their friends and acquaintances & to volunteer for Nalta Hospital. In times many local and International organizations also came forward to support these noble cause. And with all their support Nalta Hospital is the most specialized hospital of the community now. The following organizations have been involved with Nalta Hospital in many projects.


Prosthetic Outreach Foundation (POF)


Prosthetic Outreach Foundation has been working with Nalta Hospital from the year 2000. The prosthetic & Orthotic Center of Nalta Hospital which started at 2002 is a combined approach of Nalta Hospital and POF. The center provides both prosthetic and orthotic care to amputees and others with limb deformities. And this center is serving almost 15 million people of the region who has no access to such service. For more you can visit POF website.


G.W Bagby Endowment Fund


In 2006, one of the founder of Nalta Hospital and former POF Board member George W. Bagby, M.D. generously donated $250,000 in seed money to start the Bagby Family Endowment Fund.

The fund is intended to support the delivery of medical services to impoverished children and adults in Nalta Hospital. Each year, interest earned from the endowment is available to support the delivery of medical services to children and adults in need in Bangladesh and possibly elsewhere. To moreclick here.


Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh


Nalta Hospital is running many of its project with close cooperation of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Bangladesh. Ministry of Health and Family health foundation is associated with the following projects of NHCHF implemented by Nalta Hospital.

  • Youth friendly health services project
  • Life skill education component among young people
  • TB control program

World Health organization (WHO)


World Health Organization is also one of the major donors of NHCHF. WHO is associated with the project of “Demand Generation for Safe MR Services in Rural Bangladesh through Rights Based Approach”.


Rotary International


Rotary International has always extended their hands for help for Nalta Hospital. Specially Rotary Club of Spokane and Rotary Cub of Ramna is always their as friends. Rotary club has donated Nalta Hospital with an Ambulance, Generator Facility and Operating Microscope.






BRAC Bangladesh is Supporting Nalta Hospital is the TB Control Program.



Some other donors that helped us in our projects and developments programs are